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Cosmetology Courses

Professional cosmetics course Here at Newman Center College we know that a poorly performed cosmetic treatment from unskilled hands could cause more harm than good. Therefore, our cosmetics course is an essential step on...

Courses manicure, pedicure and nail extension

Today, Israel also has no hair design salon or cosmetology, despite living brides whoemploys an expert in this field.   In fact, the owners of these businesses always complain of a shortage of workers in the field – most people who bought this profession prefer to open their own businesses because they are high and stable income. After all,Manicure, Pedicure and Nail Building should be done on a regular basis, and one meeting with a specialist client becomes fixed in a profession – if the...

Massage Courses

Job waiting for you, then you should start … When demand for therapists in the growing medical massage, whether different treatment centers and clinics or private bookings – you have the opportunity to purchase...

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