Before you invest in the stock market … Invested in learning about it!

Great wisdom is not to invest in the stock market, but – make the stock market. Reality is that in order to invest wisely and achieve high yield, requires psychological preparation and study of the area. Simplest and most profound way to do this is the course of the Newman Center Exchange. This is an excellent lesson in the capital market, dedicated to both the fledgling investors, who want to acquire knowledge effectively in the Stock Exchange trading, and those wishing to monitor their investment portfolio managed by an external factor. In fact, anyone who wants to understand the rules of the game’s most fascinating turbulent market – welcome to enter the class ….

When you arrive you will see that teachers are the actual stock exchange, who live and breathe the world of investments every day, and bring the practice to Lshulhanchma.Soon you meet the world’s major stock exchanges, you will understand how the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange works and what is Israel’s capital market structure, meet all the basic concepts such as stocks, options, bonds, etc., will know to work with software that enables the Forex currency trading, stock portfolio build / virtual currency and learn how to work with.

Since Newman Center is not related to an investment company or another, we can introduce Ahplusym Vminosim of all known companies, and provide you with the objective image, colorful and full of world stock market. So we will ensure that the course go out to the real game when you are equipped with good tools and understanding needed – to invest and earn.

Every day a new trading course you will find the investment was worthwhile!


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