Sales Manager

Sales management is an important profession in the market in the world’s economy and a leading professional course at Newman Center. In our diverse and fascinating learning program we teach the art selling and the secret of successful management in the most thorough and comprehensive way – what is marketing, how to manage tasks and people, how to make them sell more and many other topics – far beyond selling itself.

The course includes study of all the theoretical material in marketing and sales, all methods of selling since the dawn of history up to the latest and most sophisticated, providing practical tools for successful sales management and learning the psychological aspects that participate in the dialogue between the potential buyer and the sales manager. The effective teaching methods of Newman Center and our connections with major organizations who are interested in our graduates complete the picture. The result speaks for itself – Newman Center gradutes become successful sales managers!

The curriculum includes everything possible about sales, marketing and advertising. Among the topics covered in the course: introduction to marketing, advertising sales, self-management, sales management and employees, types of sales, sales skills, salesmen recruitment, organization and guidance, planning and tracking sales system includes workflow efficiency control, using the computer as another tool for sales.


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