Programmer WEB / PHP

Course Description:

The course prepares professionals in the field of programming in PHP.

Starting level – the user / advanced computer user. Special knowledge is required. Training is conducted individually for each student teacher is fixed. Training is conducted remotely via the Internet, with each student if desired during the course can agree on a full-time meeting with the teacher.

Benefits of Distance Learning:

– No need to come to school (saving time and money on the road)

– Individual Training (everyone does the same speed, which is capable of, that you can complete the course faster, and can “stretch”). The group is impossible.

– Except for private lessons with a teacher, all materials obtained in writing (notes).

– You can specify any number of questions the teacher if something is unclear. The group is impossible.

What is PHP?

To date, PHP (read “pee-pee-HSBC) – is the most common and, importantly, the most convenient, popular and simple programming language for creating websites on the Internet.
In contrast to HTML («HC-ti-em-el”), who studied at the course web design and that is the foundation of the site, PHP allows us to implement virtually any opportunity to create a site. In this case, PHP is inserted into the base text, written in HTML.
In addition, PHP – is a convenient and reliable tool for database management on the site.
In the course of employment on the course WEB Programmer / PHP Programmer you will engage in course projects, and the result of your work will be to create your own online store, which you can use at the end of the course.

Attention! The market value of an online store, which you will build under the guidance of a teacher exceeds the cost of course!
All students of the course will receive a free Domain with the extension. Com, as well as hosting your website for 1 year.
1. Introduction.
Basics. Why PHP?
2. Tools.
This section describes the different development environments for PHP. You’ll learn how to set up a local Web-server, which is the Database and any database there.
3. The first program.
Write your first program in PHP
4. The structure of language.
In this section you will learn that every programming language has its own syntax and the syntax of PHP. Become familiar with data types PHP.Uznaete how the program operated by the operators, expressions and control structures. What are the functions and classes, and their benefits. Handling exceptions and errors.

 5. Arrays.
Way of storing a set or sequence of values. Numerically Indexed Arrays and associative arrays. Global arrays.
6. Session variables.
How to keep user data on the transition between successive pages Web. Session. Files Cookies
7. Upload files to the server.
Photos, pictures, documents, archives and much more can be uploaded to the server via web-interface (web browser). How to do it, you’ll learn in this section.
8. Working with databases.
PHP provides comfortable support for working with database management systems (DBMS) with a set of functions. MySQL database has become the most popular in the world database of open source in connection with its performance, reliability and ease of use. More about this in this section.
9. Write “Guestbook”.
Your first project in PHP 10. Working with faylami.Etot section describes how to use PHP to open, read and modify files on the server.
11. Sending mail.
This section describes how to use the SMTP service to send automated e-mail messages from applications PHP. 12. Bezopasnost.Bezopasnost – one of the key points that must first pay attention to any developer. Key aspects of PHP security applications in this section.
13. Automation.
How to organize the periodic performance of any problems using the tools PHP or using an external application planners.
14. Regular Expressions in PHP.
The use of regular expressions facilitates the processing of texts and weakly structured data.
15. Integration.
Modes of interaction of PHP scripts with the scripts that run a browser. (javascript, AJAX)


16. Draft PHP E-Commerce.V

this section consistently regarded the process of developing a commercial site Web (online store). With this example will be considered the main issues of development online store.

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