The course practical accountants – this is one of the most critical courses in the Newman Center

After completing this course you will receive a diploma and – most importantly! You get the most current specialty, which in Hebrew is called הנהלת חשבונות (“analat heshbonot).

During training, you will get all necessary knowledge for accounting activities within the State of Israel, in accordance with its laws and established norms.

Why only within Israel?
The answer: The reason is that each state has its own laws and practices with respect to accounting and taxation, while the principle – the same.

Upon completion of the course of accounting, you can work as a staff accountant at what an enterprise, or you can register your company and to accounting in the various enterprises on a contractual basis.

In «NEWMAN CENTER» You definitely get a topical and fundamental knowledge of the highest level. With this knowledge, you equally can easily serve as the sphere of production and services sector, without any restrictions. Of course, a great experience does not come overnight, but with your dedication and diligence, you can easily overcome all obstacles and become the best of the best accountants.

To all of the above, it remains to add only one more remarkable fact: Our groups are usually composed of 15-18 students. This means that the teacher in the process of training time to calmly and thoroughly work with each student individually, which in turn very, very positive impact both on the internal microclimate of the group, and the quality of education in general.
Course program

Starting date: March 2011 (it remains a limited number of seats)
To have successfully passed the interview with a course record – a contract with the Newman Center, where Newman Center shall send a graduate to work on completing the course.
Duration: 6-7 months. Practical lessons in the workplace: 1 month.
The aim of the course: To prepare students for the practical work of an accountant.
The course is designed for students with no experience in the work of accountants. For admission to the course requires knowledge of Hebrew and computer (determined by interview).
Successfully complete the course receive a diploma Newman Center.
Course content (main theme):
* Introduction to the accounting department.

* Normative regulation of accounting. Legislative base.

* Basis of and accounting.

* Profit and loss account.

* The costs, revenues, profits.

* Buying and selling of goods. Purchase and delivery of services.

* Types of legal entities. Private business (“Esek Moorsholm).

* A limited liability company (“Hevra baam).

* Partnership (“Shutfut). Nonprofit organizations (“amuta).

* Taxation. N.D.S (MAAM).

* Income Tax (“Masahnasa).

* Payroll. Deductions from wages. Social insurance (beta Leumi “).

* Pensions. “Tax on Health” (“Mas briyut).

* Interaction and work with the banks. Control over current account business.

* Checks, vouchers and credit cards.

* The calculation of interest on the loan.

* Binding to the Consumer Price Index

* The difference in rates of foreign currencies.

* Program Hashevshevet ”

* Program Revhit ”

* Program Prioriti ”
*) Newman Center may make changes to the program during the course.


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