Linguaphone English

AMERICAN ENGLISH - Linguaphone course "Newman Center" to study English for 6 audio discs (CD) - (audio CDs can be listened to in the car).

More than 2000 most frequently used words and phrases of English in dialogues. Each phrase is 3 times in English and 1 time in Russian, and there is a pause to repeat it aloud. The manual contains all the texts written to disk by American speakers.

Accelerated Learning is based on the involvement of both hemispheres of the brain in the learning process - the logical and analytical left and artistic, emotional, right. Exercises that are included in the course, enable us to develop all kinds of memory.

The use of hidden features of your brain - the basis of this unique and effective course.
The course consists of several levels, so it is useful both for beginners and for those who wish to improve their English.
Knowing the words and expressions occurring in the course you will be able to explain almost any topic, and understand spoken language.



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