International Trade Courses

International trade – trade that sounds fascinating. Serious. Overwhelming. Challenging.
Potential of this work – boundless. If you enter the portal AllJobs and do a brief overview of the jobs on offer in this area, you will find every day 200-300 ads for job vacancies.
Here is a list of some of them:

  • Department administrator Import – Export of international companies
  • A customs broker’s office
  • Reservations Coordinator of International Trucking
  • Sales Manager in companies with a global scale, such as Zim (maritime transport), to – the (air transport) and more.
  • Company’s CEO Consultant
  • Responsible for exporting to the U.S., Europe and CIS countries
  • Responsible for logistics enterprises
  • International trade department employee bank


There is no dispute about the amount of options, including the opening of your own business.

International trade is complex and dynamic system that can produce completely unexpected profits even in times of crisis. Demand leads to shortages, demand – supply and, if everything works out together – we already have a business!

The answers to your questions on this subject can get the course “International Trade” at the Newman Center. Course instructors are people with rich experience and knowledge in this field especially, if you have the entrepreneurial bug and you dream of doing business really large scale – this course can be your gateway real success!

Work in international trade will not only make good, but also realize your personal potential. Participate in conferences, exhibitions, see new lands, meet interesting people.


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