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Homeopathy for everyone

The course teaches the secrets and foundations of the world of homeopathy. Homeopathy believes that our body reflects its hardships and problems in a unique language – and this language you are going to learn at our courses. In each lesson you are going to receive theoretical, philosophical, scientific and practical knowledge on homeopathy. Throughout the course you will redefine such concepts as health, illness and healing, you will understand where do diseases come from, how homeopathy works to diagnose and heal them using “remedies” – homeopathic medicines, and how to match a specific remedy for each patient. Rich studies provide practical knowledge and tools for dealing with homeopathic treatment in various situations such as winter flu diseases, infections and inflammations, allergies, asthma and breathing difficulties, injuries, first aid and life-threatening situations, and social and emotional disorders.

As with every course here at Newman Center – learning does not end only in theory. As we desire to contribute to the professional success of each student, we open to them the world of homeopathy also at the practical level. We provide the beginner homeopath with tools, formulas and tips for where to go, and where to buy more. We encourage students to stay in touch with us after completing the course, contacting their teachers and taking further courses at our college.

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