Courses and seminars in Israel

Newman Center was founded in 1991. Our most important activities are international trade, vocational education, business consulting and educational and medical tourism in Israel.

Newman Center runs professional courses and international seminars for organizations and individuals on a broad set of issues, using curricula developed individually for each client.
The aims of these courses and seminars – skills development, imparting our guests the our country’s rich experience in various spheres of business, technology, industry, commerce, science, education, medicine, security, and in many other areas. In addition, in Newman Center you can acquire a new profession and gain or Newman Center international certificate
Also, “Newman Center” helps foreign customers to establish partnerships with Israeli companies and government organizations that work on behalf of our clients’ directions.

The curricula of our courses and seminars are coordinated , and in addition to studying may include tours and recreation around Israel. The duration of our courses and seminars – from 1-3 weeks to 1-3 months or more.

The number of participants in the courses and seminars can vary – from individual tourists and small groups of up to 10 people, medium (10 – 39 people) and large – from 40 or more people.

In addition to the courses, “Newman Center” offers the following services: visa support, airport transfer, 1-3 meals a day, accommodation in hotels or apartments, group and individual transfers from airport to hotel and back, excursions, airfare and medical insurance as well as other services.

The cost of the courses and seminars depends on their duration, scope, program, number of participants, category of hotel or apartment, meals, excursions booked. For specific cost of the seminar, please send a request to Newman Center.

We look forward to the mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners – companies, organizations and individuals to organize study groups and attract tourists to Israel


Subject courses and seminars in Israel

* Securities Market * Banking System * Accounting * International trade * Customs Tax System * System * Control and Management * Patent law. Protection of Intellectual Property * Business Consulting * Insurance * Social Security System * Real Estate * Urban and Housing * Power * Building * Business Construction and repair of roads * Transport system * Hi-Tech (high tech) * Communication and Communication * Computer literacy and programming * E -commerce * Security and the war on terror * Travel business * Hospitality * Maintenance vehicles * Advertising * Business Printing * Chemical Industry * Jewelcrafting. Diamond Industry * Agriculture. Kibbutzim * Winery * Animal Ecology * * Water purification * Food * * Vocational Education in secondary and higher education institutions * Personnel (HR) service * Medical treatment in Israel * Medical equipment * Pharmacy * Dental * * Methods of Modern Beauty Rejuvenation * Massage * Improving memory * Alternative Medicine * Education Hebrew Education * English * Other courses and seminars in accordance with customer requirements
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