Cosmetology Courses

Professional cosmetics course

Here at Newman Center College we know that a poorly performed cosmetic treatment from unskilled hands could cause more harm than good. Therefore, our cosmetics course is an essential step on the way to work as a professional cosmetologist. Our course content includes additional bonus subjects, such as permanent makeup, manicure, and pedicure. Our course curriculum at Newman Center includes: Introduction to cosmetics, skin structure, skin type diagnosis, dermatology, factors that affect the face skin, skin cleansing (exfoliating, masks, deep cleaning), hygiene, nutrition, lotions, Acne treatment, treatment methods, face and body skin, wax, cosmetic devices, electric massages, chemistry, anatomy and physiology.

The studies include both theoretical and practical studies.


At the end of the course our graduates receive an international certificate. Professional insurance is also an option.


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