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Computers, computers… Who can live today without them? They stand in every home, every office, sometimes even in every room, and they require a computer technician to maintain them properly. Computer technician is now considered one of the most popular professions, and you can study it in depth and yet incredibly simple here, at Newman Center. After the course, doors open and the way is clear to work as independents or employees, or alternatively enjoy a handsome salary with repairing computers as a complementary income.

Newman Computer Technology Center teaching method combines both the theoretical and the practical formats. The course focuses on the most significant subjects of the computer hardware world: installing hardware, operating system support, understanding the home network, organizational principles and solving a variety of mishaps.

The results of the extensive studying results are evident on our graduates. They come out of college with all the skills and tools required to dominate the technician market – to assemble a computer and load on it the required software, to handle all types of faults, to work in a professional manner with customers, selling computers, know where you buy computer parts… To know a computer. Period.

Go ahead and do ENTER so you can acquire a profession and start earning immediately!


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