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Reality in which we live today, Chinese studies are not exotic, but the practical choice ofmodern person and up to date. Chinese language spoken by more than – 1.3 billion people (roughly every fifth person in the world!) – not only in China or Taiwan. Chinesecommunities millions of residents are women in many cities around the globe. An interesting fact – in New – York, every town has a population of more than a million people, election forms under the law also translated into Chinese.
Impact of Chinese economy is expanding from year to year, Chinese goods have longfilled the world markets. Sometimes it’s hard to find a product that it says “Made inChina “. Already in 2010 China overtook Japan and became the 2nd largest economy in the world after the United – States.

Known that the Chinese refer to with respect to foreigners who speak their language, somany business people exist or are planning business in China or Taiwan studying theChinese language.
For this reason, knowledge of Chinese language even a basic level significantlyincreases the chances for a job in firms engaged in international trade, internationaltransport and logistics, travel agencies, corporations with branches in China and more.


Incidentally, the volume of trade between Israel and China stands at around one billion dollars, Ahachllachlah cooperation agreement signed between Israel and China in 2010 gave another push the extensive commercial activity between the two countries, including in scientific – technological, military, agricultural and medical.
Chinese language course was held at “Newman Center” unique and effective method – the explanations are made in the mother tongue of students, classes are held in individual or small groups, with special emphasis on Chinese language is spoken.
Anyone who starts studying Chinese College Newman Center learns about himself the dominant perception of the extraordinary difficulty and complexity of the special Chinese language is a misconception. Besides, the rules of grammar we are used to them – extensions, dispositions, biases – in fact do not exist in Chinese language at all.
Chinese writing is of course a certain difficulty, but our students can testify to the rapid understanding of the material and methods of teaching our efficiency that helped them overcome this difficulty. Besides, the initial stage of learning we use the Chinese method of writing in Latin letters, accepted in teaching Chinese in West beginners.


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