Learn a language on the highest level! We have news for you – you can! You can read English rapidly, write without errors, and most importantly – speak fluently and discuss any subject you...

Linguaphone English

AMERICAN ENGLISH – Linguaphone course “Newman Center” to study English for 6 audio discs (CD) – (audio CDs can be listened to in the car).More than 2000 most frequently used words and phrases of...


Our Hebrew teaching method was developed exclusively for Russian and English speakers. Each student is given a set to study Hebrew in the special method of Newman Center. The duration of the course is...

Chinese course

Reality in which we live today, Chinese studies are not exotic, but the practical choice ofmodern person and up to date. Chinese language spoken by more than – 1.3 billion people (roughly every fifth person in the world!) – not only in China or Taiwan. Chinesecommunities millions of residents are women in many cities around the globe. An interesting fact – in New – York, every town has a population of more than a million people, election forms under the law also translated into...

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